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Reply Hannibalic
1:31 PM on July 16, 2018 
Hello! There is an interesting offer for you.
Reply Julie
11:36 PM on August 29, 2017 
Love the colours.
Reply Magda Palmer Cordingley
3:10 AM on December 19, 2016 
Your babes are very good looking. I'm checking which dog would be the ideal companion for us- We are retired, active and have a Main Coon Cat. I love walking with my dog and taking him/her to the beach and to the occasional restaurant for breakfast., but am, until about mid April wheel char bound due foot and leg surgery. My goodie when I'm better is a new dog who will be looked after in ll aspects. Our darling Billy-Rhodesian Ridge back x Mastiff was taken by the angels 22nd August his year. Finally, what is the general price of your pups or young dogs please?
Reply Martin Vedris
8:43 AM on September 29, 2015 
Hi there, do you have any standard poodle puppies for sale or coming up?
Please call me on 0408913941.
Reply linda and Phoebe
3:08 AM on July 25, 2011 
I wanted to leave a comment here for anyone looking to buy a standard poodle.This is the place to get the perfect poodle !!
I have had Phoebe just one and a half weeks now and she is the most beautiful, sweet natured, super smartest standard brown poodle pup ever !!! In the first day at home she learnt to walk on a lead, accept "no" and understand that rooms with carpet are out of bounds. She follows me everywhere and sleeps at my feet with her nose on my foot.She has been a breeze to crate train with only one mistake. She happily goes outside to the toilet and plays gently with my miniature poodles. The 3 hour trip home was great, Phoebe slept on the back seat and never whinged. For a 9 week old puppy, she has blown my mind with her brilliant ability to listen and her overwhelming desire to please me. The only worry is her desire to chew everything and anything, but 10 chew toys later and a firm but gentle "no" to socks, books and slippers has made this an easy learning point.
Thank you Jenny for my Phoebe, I did not want a super hypo house I trusted you when you said your poodles are laid back and easy trust in you was rewarded with the best, most perfect new family member ever :)
She is perfect , cant wait till she is fully grown. Also looking forward to 12 months time, when my daughter will be buying an apricot female poodle from you out of lollie :D
Once again, thank you
Kindest regards Linda and Phoebe xxxxx
Reply Karen and Caesar
7:51 PM on May 8, 2011 
I am the very proud owner of "CAESAR" he is the man of my life I love him soooooooooo much! Thank you Thank you Thank you Jenny for such a beautiful, smart beast. He is the best and everyone loves him but not as much as me. And just to let you in on a secret.... I think he loves me too! He watches everything I do he is the BEST! Smart, proud and vain just like his owner!!!!!!! I have absolutly no trouble at all recommending Jenny as a fantasctic breeder and cant stop thanking her enough. "THANK YOU" from Caesar and Me x
Reply Sam
5:47 AM on April 21, 2011 
Just browsing poodle puppies. Used to have have a black standrd poodle bitch. She was so lovely and personable.
Love the chocolate.
Reply jonje
7:37 AM on April 13, 2011 
We are expecting.....PUPPIES!
Reply kiwigirl
1:16 AM on March 10, 2011 
Hi Jenny,

Thank you getting back to me so quickly. We are after a brown girl. Have you ever sent a puppy to New Zealand? I think I will ring you this weekend and talk to you. I have quite a few questions.

Kind regards,

Reply Jenny
5:58 AM on March 7, 2011 
Rachael Nimon says...
Hi, We are looking for a brown bitch puppy to join our family in NZ. We have 2 children, Max age 12 and Lily age 3, they both love dogs and are very excited about getting a poodle.

There doesnt appear to be anybody actively breeding chocolate poodles here in NZ and we found your website last night and couldnt believe how gorgeous your dogs are.
We are interested in importing a puppy as a pet from you. Are you able to help us in the search for our pet?

Kind regards,

Rachael and Bruce.

Hi Rachael,
We have one of our girls in season now and would therefore be expecting pups in about 10 weeks time.
We will most likely have a few brown pups.Were you after a girl or a boy?
All our companion puppies are sold desexed so it may not make that much difference to you.
If you would like to call me on 0408 307717 we can chat a bit more or email me
kind regards

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